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EzzyBills User Guide

Viewing, Searching and Approving invoices

I. Search an invoice

You can search the following – the search results will be sorted according to date and relevance. Option to “include Deleted” or “Show Details”.

  • all the invoice header data:  supplier name, invoice number, invoice date, and invoice amount etc.
  • the uploaded file name. 
  • the DocID number (7, 8, or 9 digit number, unique for each document;  appearing  in your accounting software in the transactions that EzzyBills created – in the file name or in the memo or note field)
  • label (that you added to the invoice during manual upload. You can also use the “Add Label” button in Search/Approve)
  • processing error/warning messages

II. Select an invoice 

Tick the selection box or the area to select an invoice. You can select multiples.  Once  invoices are selected, the available actions will appear not as gray out.   screenshot

On the invoice line, there are links

  • file link:  to view the invoice file
  • log – to view the processing info:  1) the original email upload, within 14 days, 2) the approval records, 3) error or warning messages (and suggested actions for you to fix the issues), 4) invoice data extracted
  • xero” or “QBO” or “Simpro“:  These are links to the transaction that has already been created by EzzyBills in your accounting software. The link will only work if you are logged into the accounting software on the same web browser.
  • Approve: to view/edit/modify and approve/reject an invoice that is waiting for Admin approval. screenshot. Here you can modify invoice header data, and add optional account codes and job tracking, add additional attachment and write a note etc.
  • Modify (in the column Link): to Modify & Save invoice again. “SAVE” button click in the next window will trigger future actions, such as PO matching again. This link is shown only for those invoices that are paused at some workflow tasks (such as Check PO Exist).
  • Other links under the column Link: It is a “modify” and action link. “SAVE” button click in the next window will trigger future actions. This link is shown only for those invoices that are paused at some workflow tasks.

III. Action Buttons (Delete, Edit & Approval …)

Many approvals are done via emails – no login required. If you are the Admin person for the EzzyBills account, you can manage and approve invoice on the web portal – below is the instructions for you. 

Select an invoice or multiple invoices. Then the following actions are available.

  • Delete:  mark as deleted. This action is available for invoices of all status. Deleted invoices may be viewed with “Included Deleted” ticked for a short period.
  • Edit: edit the invoice data. This action is available for invoices of waiting approval and invoices that are paused due to certain errors. Your edits will not passed to the approval email that is already sent.  Your edits can fix some exporting errors. 
  • Approve: for Admin to approve the invoice without any modifications.
  • Reject: for Admin to reject the invoice.  The rejection is final – the invoice can’t be brought back unless re-uploaded.
  • Cancel: cancel the existing approval request. Then you can “Approve” as the Admin, or send “Email Approval” to other staff.
  • Email Approval: a new browser window will open up for you to provide an email address and click “send” the approval request.
  • Batch Approval: to view, modify and approve multiple invoices in one go.
  • Close Review: close a post “review” for selected invoices.  (not related to approval)
  • Close All Review: close a post review for all invoices. Then the “Review” setting can be turned off.
  • Add: add a label specified in “label name” textbox to the left. Useful for searching.

IV. The search tabs 

  • Show All: shown all invoices. 
  • Waiting for Approval: you will see all invoices waiting to be approved, page by page. (Screenshot).
  • Waiting for Review: waiting for post review (review after invoices are exported to your accounting software).
  • Failed: invoices that are failed. This does include when a matching PO is not found or job not found – you will need to enter the relevant error message in the search text box, or click “In Progress” tab.
  • In Progress: invoices that are still waiting to be processed.
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