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EzzyBills User Guide

Create Sales invoices from Purchase order

We use a purchase order from a liquid shop as an example to demonstrate how to create a sales invoice from a purchase order then export to Xero. It is done by creating a special workflow.

Note: This workflow does not need to be the “active” one in your account; for non-active workflow, you can access it by emailing it to the special email address for this workflow (or upload to this workflow via the web portable)

  • Setup workflow first,  you can create a new one or copy from an existing one, add a new task “setDocumentType“,  and you can rename it if you want, and click save

  • Click on the task  “Extract“, set document Type to “PURCHASE”.

  • Click on task “setDocumentType” and config the following settings in the setting field then Save.  Setting instructions and examples are located on the same page for your reference. 

  • Some of the purchase orders do not have a line total as seen in the purchase order example above. Click on task “Xero export” and config the following setting so the total will be calculated and exported correctly into Xero.

  • The purchase order will be converted to sale invoice and export to Xero.

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