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What EzzyBills can do for Accountants and Bookkeepers

EzzyBills HQ – Manage all your clients

EzzyBills’ HQ account acts as a dashboard, holding all your clients in multiple groups. Quickly switch between your groups and check the status of each account within that group.

During free trial sign up, choose the top link and proceed to sign up an HQ account. Or upgrade an existing account to an HQ account (Settings > Advanced Options > link at the bottom).

Share a single subscription for an unlimited number of companies

For our partners, all subscription plans on our pricing page can be shared by an unlimited number of companies! This means that you can save big by bulk purchasing.

Subscription on an HQ account will cover accounts and groups underneath. Subscription on a group account will cover accounts within the group.

One subscription for all of your companies


Grow your practice with EzzyBills

EzzyBills is a versatile bookkeeping tool to service all your clients, no matter what industries your clients are in. EzzyBills can meet all their requirements of data automation and approval.

Start to use EzzyBills today to better service your existing clients and convert new clients.

List your practice on EzzyBills & free marketing

Contact us at support@ezzydoc.com to get listed on our web site. This will boost your chances of be discovered by new customers.

Marketing for bookkeeping and accounting firms is crucial to maintain and grow your customers.  Take advantage of free marketing by EzzyBills for our partners. Talk to us today about what we can do for you.


EzzyBills Partner Listing

First class entitlement for our partners

  • Dedicated partner manager
  • Free 1-to-1 on boarding and staff training
  • Priority support by email & phone.
  • Free customization and new features.
  • Free promotion by EzzyBills.
Five star ratings on Xero and QuickBooks marketplace

Start using EzzyBills for free

Access all EzzyBills features for 14 days, then subscribe whatever plan best suits your bussiness

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