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EzzyBills User Guide

HQ Account

A dashboard to manage all your clients on EzzyBills

All EzzyBills users can now upgrade their account to a HQ account.

  • The HQ account is most suited to accountants and bookkeepers with multiple groups and clients.
  • If you have a single group, you can still use it to take advantage of HQ dashboard.

The benefits of using HQ account

  • The HQ account acts as a dashboard, holding all your groups and their associated accounts in one central location.
  • Inside the HQ account, you can have different groups. This way, you can better control the access.
  • Quickly switch between your groups and check the status of each account within that group.

(screenshot of HQ account dashboard)

Setting up a HQ account 

  1. If you have multiple groups, sign up a new EzzyBills account:  click  “or create a Partner (HQ) account” link at the top of the sign up form (see screenshot below). Or sign up a normal EzzyBills account and then upgrade it to a HQ (following the instruction below). Then click Add Existing Group to “Your HQ” for each of your group accounts.
  2. If you have a single group, you can upgrade the primary account of this group to HQ (following the instruction below).

To upgrade an EzzyBills account to HQ:  Go to Settings. Scroll down to Advanced Options and then scroll down to Upgrade to a HQ Account.

There is no additional cost to upgrade to a HQ account.

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