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EzzyBills User Guide

02. Bills to MYOB


Upload a bill to EzzyBills via email, drag/drop, or phone app. EzzyBills will extract the data and create a bill in MYOB in just a few minutes. The Supplier, invoice date, due date, GL Code, amount and tax are all automatically added to the bill. The invoice is attached to the bill. You can upload one or multiple bills in one go.

I. Upload bills

You can upload bills to EzzyBills via many different ways: email, drag/drop, phone app, and more.

I.1 Upload bills to the Dashboard (or via email)

  • Login, go to Dashboard. Drag/drop or select one or multiple invoice files from your computer. Or email them in to your unique EzzyBills email address.
  • Seconds later,  invoice tiles will appear on the window, one for each invoice. The light green colour of the tiles shows that the invoice is being processed. Once it is done, the tile colour will change from light green to dark green, meaning this invoice has been exported successfully to your MYOB account.
  • Hover mouse over an invoice tile, the summary information will be shown, with MYOB PO number in the bracket.
  •  If some invoices are not successfully uploaded to MYOB, you will get a red invoice tile. If the error is related to “MYOB is busy”, do not worry about. It will just take a bit longer to process. For other errors, you can contact us at

I.2 Check the bills in your MYOB

To find the bills that have been exported to your MYOB by EzzyBills,

  • (AccountRight desktop) go to Purchases > “Purchases Register”.
  • (MYOB Essentials) go to Purchases > Bills

You will see all the purchases.

  • In MYOB AccountRight desktop, click column heading “Date”, then the newest ones will be on the top. Alternatively, search for the PO No. (which is displayed on the invoice tile in EzzyBills).
  • In MYOB Essentials, it is the “Bill number”.
  • Click the bill of interest, it will be like this one below, with line details (in MYOB AccountRight on the desktop)
  • In MYOB Essentials, the bill is like this one below (with invoice file on the left, and data on the right side of the window)

II. General settings that affect bills to MYOB

  • To ensure better supplier mapping: Go to Settings > Account Settings, enter “MY ABN/GST/VAT No.” and “My Company Name”.
  • Go to Settings > Account Settings > tick “Check for Duplicates“. with this ticked, we will reject duplicate invoices based on supplier & invoice number.
  • If you don’t need the table on invoices, you can turn on “Invoice Headers Only”.
  • If you often upload a PDF file containing multiple invoices, tick “Auto Separate”. Otherwise, leave it unticked.

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