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EzzyBills User Guide

Q 9: What personal data does EzzyBills collect?

EzzyBills collects the minimum amount of personal data from you, for the sole purpose of best providing you with document processing services. The data we collect includes your username, password, name, email, and the invoices you submitted for us to process.

We also collect the minimum data from your accounting software that you authorized EzzyBills to connect to (only data relevant to invoice processing), such as:

  • Contact List (we use the data to find the matching supplier/customer for your invoices)
  • Recent invoice data (we use the data for EzzyBills machine learning to find the most suitable GL codes, invoice numbers, job tracking etc.)
  • GL account codes (for GL codes auto-allocation on the invoices).
  • Your organisation data (to extract ABN number of your company if it is there, so that we prevent your company from being used as a supplier)

Find out more in Terms & Conditions.

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