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EzzyBills User Guide

2. upload your first invoices or receipts

Upload bills

  1. Upload a bill or receipt: Login EzzyBills, simply upload by drag/drop or select a file from your computer. Or email to EzzyBills using your unique EzzyBills Upload Email address.
  2. Watch the processing in action: watch EzzyBills in action. You will see a tile of rectangle shape will appear on the Dashboard. Once the color turns from light green to dark green, the invoice processing is done. Move your mouse over the tile, you will see the information, and a link to see it in your accounting software.
  3. Data extraction: if the extracted data are not exactly what you want, contact to get the extraction customized for you. In some cases, you may need to change the EzzyBills settings, such as to enable an advanced feature such as item codes. For the supplier matching, refer to our special supplier matching page.
  4. Actions required: It shall take only a few minutes to process one document.  If there is an error, the tile color will be red. Mouse over the tile to read it. If it says that your accounting software is busy, do not worry about, it will get processed soon.  If it says that it is not connected to your accounting software, please go through the connection step again.  If there are other errors, contact for help.

Upload sale invoices

Scan receipts

Search “EzzyBills” to download EzzyBills Mobile App to your phone, and scan paper bills or receipts.

  • Down/install is easy (you will see EzzyBills logo in the search result)
  • Login with EzzyBills username or password (or use the QR code, which is visible in Settings after you login to EzzyBills via the web browser)
  • read to scan receipts.
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