EzzyBills User Guide

Q 1: I cannot login – forgot user name or password?

Likely cause:

wrong user name, forgot password, or account is locked

What is your user name?

  • it is generally not your email address (most likely your name or your company name)
  • it shall not contain @ezzybills.com

What if the password is forgotten?

  • you can reset it at the login window, by click “Forgot password”. You will be asked to enter your user name and then click “Reset Password.”
  • We will send you an email with the new password.
  • We recommend you to change this new password once you have it (click Settings. Enter the old one and the new one. Click Save Settings.).
  • If you do not get any email, maybe you forget which email address you provided to EzzyBills. Or maybe you forgot user name. Send an email to support@ezzydoc.com, we will let you know.

Not sure username and password, or Account is locked:

  • email to support@ezzydoc.com or phone us.
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