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EzzyBills User Guide

06.1 Directly obtain tracking data from the invoice

If the tracking data is on the invoice, EzzyBills can extract it and export to Xero automatically.

Step 1: Change EzzyBills user Settings  –  provide keyword(s) for tracking data extraction  (Settings -> Advanced Options)

(an example screenshot below )

In this example, our user has modified its EzzyBills Settings to extract Job No from invoices.

Step 2: To test, upload an invoice with this tracking data.

The tracking data shall be exported to Xero automatically, in the field “Reference” after the invoice number (separated by a vertical line).

In this example, for the sample invoice above,  the number 20847 is extracted by EzzyBills from the invoice.

Then EzzyBills search your Xero data, and finds a Tracking Option 20847 in the Region Tracking Category,

so the invoice will get exported with that tracking Option set – screenshot below.


Step 3 (mostly not needed): Modify the reference field in Xero if Step 2 did not pass the test.

If the tracking data is not set automatically during the test you did in Step 2, check the field “Reference” (as highlighted in the screenshot above). Reference field shall contain invoice number, followed by a pipe symbol (|), then the tracking data. If the wrong tracking data is there, correct it. Save the invoice in Xero.

Then back in EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh GL” (near the bottom of the window) to let EzzyBills see the change you made in Xero immediately – otherwise we get updated once a week.  After this, you can do another test, and it will work.

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