EzzyBills AI, automated task creation

Describe your custom task in plain English and EzzyBills AI will create software code and deploy it automatically.
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Webinar: Task Generation with EzzyBills AI

In this webinar, our CEO, Michael Fitzmaurice, has demonstrated how to harness AI to generate tailored tasks in EzzyBills, for seamless integration into your workflows. Our AI can automatically creates software programs – the codes, build and deploy it, all done with your instruction in plain English.

Examples relevant to our users have been used.

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All Task Creation Steps are Automated by EzzyBills AI

Step 1: You describe your task in plain English.

Go to AutomatedTask (AI), and provide a task name and a task description.

Step 2: Full codes are generated by AI.

Click “Create Task”. Your task description is then converted to software code automatically, eliminating the need for a software developer.

Step 3: Our AI will build and deploy the task.

Click “Publish Task”.  This task is then built and deployed by EzzyBills, ready to be insert into an existing or new custom workflow.

Describe your work tasks

You may need additional work tasks to augment your EzzyBills experience, in term of  invoice data extraction or approval.

An example is that you ask EzzyBills to “convert invoice total from USD to AUD”, which is your base currency.  In this example, you want to modify invoice data extracted by EzzyBills and does a currency conversion, before exporting to your accounting software.

When describing your task,

  • use concise English in your task description
  • your task description needs to be relevant to EzzyBills service and your invoice data.

On the the EzzyBills UI page for “AutomatedTask (AI)”, you will find tips to help you get started.

AI software code generation


To facilitate AI coding, our development team has been diligently training the AI to comprehend EzzyBills functions, each designed to perform a specific task. Your work task, generated by the AI, will leverage these EzzyBills functions alongside various generic functions sourced from extensive code libraries.

Who are using EzzyBills AI coding:

  • EzzyBills support team are using it to create custom tasks for our users.
  • EzzyBills 0users are using it to independently create tasks

Support is available to you. We may add new EzzyBills functions if required.

Incorporate your new task in a workflow

After naming the task and providing a description, click “Create Task” on the UI. The generated code will then be ready for your review.

If the code is logical to you, click “Publish Task“. A new document for this task creation will be generated in EzzyBills, accessible from the Dashboard.

  • If the code compilation did not succeed, an error will show in the processing “log” and the task will not be created. 
  • If the code compilation succeeded, a new work task will be created, which can then be added to a custom EzzyBills workflow.

Go to the “Workflow” menu page, you can then find the successfully created new task from the Dropdown box “Choose a task”.  Add it to a custom workflow.