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EzzyBills User Guide


EzzyBills Integration with Airtable

The integration between EzzyBills and Airtable will streamline your inventory management:  it will

  • Eliminate the data entry by using EzzyBills to import supplier invoices into Airtable
  • You will have the option of using EzzyBills Approval process to approve bills before they are exported to Airtable.

1. Connect EzzyBills to Airtable

Follow the steps below to set up a free trial EzzyBills account and then connect to Airtable

Step 1: go to and click “Try EzzyBills for Free” to sign up a 14 days free trial account. In the sign-up form, make sure to choose “Custom (Integrate via API)” as shown below:

Step 2a: Create a new Workflow in EzzyBills. Login to EzzyBills, click Workflow on the menu bar. Then click New, and choose “create a copy of an existing workflow”. Choose the one that is currently active (it should be “Custom_Workflow” for a new user), click “Create”.

Step 2b: You can then rename this new workflow as you wish by clicking the Rename button. Then, click “set as Active WorkFlow”.

Step 2c: Enter and choose “Export Airtable” from the drop down on the left hand side. And connect the workflow tasks as shown below. Click Save.

Note: If your previous active workflow is not a custom workflow (eg. Xero workflow), it is OK. You will need to assemble the 4 workflow tasks (blue boxes in the screenshot below). The task “validate Invoice” is required before “Export Airtable”. If you need approval before exporting to Airtable, you can insert the approval tasks before “Export Airtable”.

Step 3a: Go to Apps and click on the Airtable Icon. Scroll down to the settings shown in screenshot below.

Step 3b: Fill out the Settings.

The Airtable ID is found in the URL, between the two forward slashes (see screenshot).The AirTable is the table name (eg. “Airtable” highlighted in box as seen in screenshot below).

The Air app Key is found in your Accounts page in Airtable (see screenshot).

For the Airtable Schema type in the Schema you are using . The three Schema you can use can be found in EzzyBills Apps underneath the Settings. You will need to create your airtable table with columns that match the Schema you have chosen (a screenshot of Schema1 can be seen below). Then type in “Schema1” if you choose this one into the box.

Then Save the settings.

2. Upload invoices to Airtable

In EzzyBills, click Dashboard. You can now upload an invoice to EzzyB

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