Job Cost workflow for simPRO users

This workflow is designed to allow costs to get uploaded to simPRO without having to manually create a PO. The workflow allows you to set the job cost centre. Once set, EzzyBills will create a PO for this job then receipt in this expense.

Creating the Job Cost workflow

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In navigation bar, click Workflow.
  3. Click New button on your active workflow.
  4. Click “Choose a Workflow to Create” and
  5. Select “Simpro Job Cost workflow“.
  6. Click “Create” button.

7. Click the dropdown arrow beside “SIMPRO_POCHECK”, Select create “SIMPRO_JOB_COST” workflow (there is NO need to make this the active workflow).

Screenshot below shows the typical job costing workflow, containing 4 workflow tasks.

  • Copy the email address beside the “SIMPRO_JOB_COST” and send this email addresses to your staff member.
  • To this email address, your staff member shall email expense receipts or bills.

How to use Job Cost workflow

  • Email invoice to the special email address for this workflow, or login EzzyBills > Dashboard > (click) the dropdown arrow to expand and drag/drop files to the workflow.

After the invoice data has been extracted, the invoice will be waiting for you to assign a job (this happens during the “AssignJob” work task).

To assign a job, login EzzyBills,

  • on the EzzyBills dashboard, find the receipt/bill, move mouse over the document tile, then click on the “assign job” link (alternatively, click “Search/Approve” tab, find the receipt/bill, click the “assign job” link)

A new browser window will open up with a form, and choose the Job (in the Dropdown). We will show all recent jobs. If the Job is not showing then you can enter the Job using the convention “jobid-costcenterid” (eg. 444308-5650). Enter or Select the Job and click Save.

The expense will now get exported to Simpro, and assigned to the Job you specified.