EzzyBills & Xero: Xero App Launcher, and Qantas reward program

8 April, 2022

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Li Fitzmaurice

Xero App Launcher

Recently Xero has launched a new feature: App Launcher. Now if you login to Xero, you can access EzzyBills with one single click. No need to put in EzzyBills user name and password.

EzzyBills is part of Xero & Qantas reward program

EzzyBills is one of a handful of Xero Apps that is part of the Qantas reward program. For Xero customers that have signed up new EzzyBills accounts via Xero: once subscribed, Xero customers will receive 7,000 Qantas Points after being connected to the EzzyBills for 90 days.

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