EzzyBills is Now an Accredited E-Invoice Service Provider

26 May, 2021

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Li Fitzmaurice

On 17 May 2021, EzzyBills was officially listed on the ATO website as an accredited E-invoice Service Provider.

In simple terms, e-invoicing allows suppliers to send invoices directly to their customers in a standard format. This gets rid of the need for paper and PDF invoices.

“We have worked very hard over the past number of months to build the required technology to send and receive e-invoices on behalf of our customers” shares Michael Fitzmaurice, EzzyBills cofounder. “We are excited to be one of the first businesses in Australia to be able to offer this technology to our customers. ”

In Australia and New Zealand, e-invoicing will be done through the Peppol Network, which is an international standard that has been used in the European market since 2012.

The benefits of e-invoicing include:

  • Is up to 70% faster than other types of invoice processing
  • Minimizes mistakes because there is no need for data entry or manual scanning
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and security

The Commonwealth has mandated e-invoices by all agencies by 1 July 2022. However, major Australian suppliers such as Bunnings will start sending e-invoices in the coming months.

It is important that businesses are ready to send and accept e-invoices and integrate this technology into your business workflow.

EzzyBills will enable its customers to:

  • Receive e-invoices. If a supplier (such as Bunnings) sends e-invoices, EzzyBills customers will be able to receive them seamlessly through their existing EzzyBills account.
  • Integrate with other systems. E-invoicing will allow EzzyBills to integrate with other accounting or inventory systems with little effort if they also support e-invoicing.
  • Send e-invoices. Businesses can use EzzyBills to send e-invoices. Simply forward your sale invoices to to EzzyBills. EzzyBills will convert them to e-invoices and send it out for you.

All of these features are included with current EzzyBills pricing plans.

For more information, contact Michael Fitzmaurice at michael@ezzydoc.com.

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