EzzyBills HQ Account

A dashboard to manage all your clients on EzzyBills

All EzzyBills users can now upgrade their account to a HQ account.

  • The HQ account is most suited to accountants and bookkeepers with multiple groups and clients.
  • If you have a single group, you can still use it to take advantage of HQ dashboard.

The benefits of using HQ account

  • The HQ account acts as a dashboard, holding all your groups and their associated accounts in one central location.
  • Inside the HQ account, you can have different groups. This way, you can better control the access.
  • Quickly switch between your groups and check the status of each account within that group.

(screenshot below:  HQ account dashboard)

To set up a HQ account: 

  1. If you have multiple groups, sign up a new normal EzzyBills account and then upgrade it to a HQ (following the instruction below). Then click Add Existing Group to “Your HQ” for each group account.
  2. Or if you have a single group, you can upgrade the primary account of this group to HQ (following the instruction below).

To upgrade an EzzyBills account to HQ:  Go to Settings. Scroll down to Advanced Options and then scroll down to Upgrade to a HQ Account. There is no additional cost to upgrade to a HQ account.

Mobile App QR Code Login

EzzyBills has recently introduced a QR code login option for our mobile app users. The QR code login is an alternative to logging in with username and password. This means staff members can use the mobile app for expense claims, without needing your EzzyBills login details.

To use this feature, you will find a unique QR code in the settings tab of your EzzyBills account. Save this QR code and send it to any staff members who need access on the mobile app. When opening the mobile app, users will see a Login With QR Code button. Select this option, then scan the QR code using the camera.


Login EzzyBills, click Workflow (a top menu). This allows users to create custom workflows. An example of this is creating a custom workflow which exports the invoice files you uploaded to EzzyBills to Google Drive. Users can create their own custom workflows, however, in most circumstances we suggest speaking to us about any custom workflow needs. Please email support@ezzydoc.com if you would like to discuss custom workflow requirements.

Set GL Code & Tracking in Approvals

If you have approvals switched on in your EzzyBills account, you can now set GL codes and tracking from the approval screen.

Watch These On webinar 

In our recent webinar, we went into more detail on these new features and how to use the EzzyBills HQ account. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch webinar replay here.