Processing a foreign language invoice

We can process the invoices from suppliers that are from different countries, with the invoices written in a foreign language. To use it, you will need to set up a new custom workflow. Once the workflow is set up, you will need to email the invoices to a special EzzyBills upload email address.

We will process the foreign language invoices normally like the other invoices, but with an additional steps of language translation to English..

How to set up a new custom workflow for foreign language invoices

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In navigation bar, click Workflow.
  3. Click “New” to create a new customer workflow. In the step next, please choose “Choose a Workflow to Copy” (note: choose the active workflow) and click Create. Then find the workflow from the list, click “Edit” to rename it and click Save, (you can use the name of the language of the invoice).

4. Select the new workflow, and click the “Extract” workflow task.

Below the “Extract” workflow task is the empty “Setting” textbox. You can paste the setting that you need in order to extract the “foreign language invoice”, following the step 5 below.

5. Copy and paste the setting below the instruction “In this example, we set the language to Italian…” to the empty Setting textbox. Click Save to apply changes.

With this setting, the invoices that you upload to this workflow will be translated from Italian to English. Please note that the “it” here represents Italian language. Click here to find out all language short-name list.

How to use the new workflow

Select this new workflow you have just created, and you will see an email address beside it, you will need to email the invoices in this foreign language to this email address. By doing it, we will use this custom workflow, not the active workflow in your EzzyBills account.

Screenshot below: (in this example) the email address that you use for upload italian invoices is “”.

How does this workflow setting works

For example, you have an Italian supplier that sent you an invoice that is written on their native language. You will be able to extract it to your accounting software, but the description will be written in Italian.

Screenshot below: an example of the exported invoice to Xero (you will see the translation done in the description).