Combine Description and Discount Columns

EzzyBills have many post-extraction customised workflow tasks. Collectively, they are named as workflow task “Customize Invoice”.  This is one of them. To find others, login EzzyBills, click Workflow, then search “Customize Invoice”, you will see a list shown.

What does it do?

Combine the Description and Discount columns on the invoice, and export to your accounting software as the Description column.

What is the use case?

In many accounting software, such as Xero, there is no discount column.This workflow task fills the gap.

How to set it up in EzzyBills?

  • Login to EzzyBills, click the Workflow in the menu and set up a new workflow containing the workflow task “Customize invoice[260]”  (more: how to set up a new workflow)

  • click Settings, then Advanced Options. Copy the phrase ( “COMBINE DESCRIPTION DISCOUNT COLUMNS”) and paste into the setting for CustomizeInvoiceRule. Click Save Setting.