Account Split Workflow Task

“Account Split” workflow task allows you to split a bill for multiple Accounts (i.e. general ledger accounts).

It will remove all the lines from the bill and then add a line for each account associated with this bill. Each lines value will be based on the Account Code split which you will specify in the workflow settings.

Setting up “Account Split” workflow task

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In navigation bar, click Workflow.
  3. click New.

4. Click Choose a Workflow to Copy and click Create.

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5. Re-select your copied workflow (which is workflow#, where # is the highest auto number you can find) and search “Account Split” in Choose a Task dropdown.

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6. Drag the arrows before “Extract” and place it to “Account Split” and drag the center dot of Account Split to the center of “Xero Export“; then click Save. You can also rename the workflow (eg. Account Split) by clicking Rename.

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7. Re-select your “Account Split” workflow, click “Account Split” workflow task (Account Split setting example and empty textbox will display).

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8. Copy the example and paste it on the empty textbox.

Note: You can modify the “name” and change it with the Account code that you want (e.g., 310 – Cost of Goods Sold); you can also add more partition – see example below.

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Reminder: If you want to add another Account to split it, do not forget to add a comma (,) after the closing curly bracket of the last Account displayed. (See the example in red box above)

10. Then click Save to apply changes.

(Screenshot: Below is the sample of “Account Split” workflow being used.)