Custom Workflows

Build your own EzzyBills Custom Workflows

Got more tasks to accomplish other than just importing invoices to your accounting system? Saving documents to Google Drive? Checking price? Adjusting merchandise price from your suppliers’? Attaching a “signed invoice” to an existing invoice in Xero? You name it! EzzyBills’ multiple workflows will cater your special need.

EzzyBills Workflow Types

EzzyBills has many types of workflows, such as

  • “Invoice Workflows”, which is the default workflow for invoice processing.
  • “Event Workflow”, such as weekly auditing report, price checking, and download invoice history etc. You can schedule the workflow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • “Statement Workflows”: for EzzyBills to process supplier statement and generate statement reconciliation report.
  • For the full list of workflow types, login EzzyBills, click the Workflow top menu, and click the drop-down arrow under “Workflows”.
  • “Invoice Price Check Workflows”, users can check if there are difference on the prices of the uploaded invoices and price list.
  • Foreign Language Workflows”, invoices that are in a foreign language (e.g, Italian) will be translated to English.
  • “Account Split Workflows”, will split a bill across multiple Accounts. Each lines value (description) will be based on the Account Code split.

You can have multiple workflows for each type. For example, if you have two invoice workflows: one to process invoices, and one to attaching a “signed invoice” to an existing sale invoice in Xero. You would set one of them as the “Active Workflow” to be used by default. To access the 2nd workflow, you can simply email the document to (user-name).workflow-name@ezzybills.com to use.

View Your Existing Active Workflow

After you login to EzzyBills, you will see a Workflow top menu.

Click this menu, you will see the active workflow that you are using and what other tasks you might want to add to your account.

Create a New Custom Invoice workflow

Use the following example to add your custom workflows. If your case is not shown here, please email to support@ezzydoc.com for help.

  • Build a new EzzyBills workflow to export files to Google Drive  – all your invoice files you upload will be saved to your google drive. More 
  • Check PO status  – check to see if PO exists and/or has been received. If not, the bill will fail to export for now and will keep checking.  More
  • Price Adjustment – unit price on each line will be adjusted up by a percentage (that is set in EzzyBills Settings). This is for converting a bill to a sale invoice with a price markup.  More
  • Enable Statement Reconciliation Workflow – if you upload a supplier statement by email, a reconciliation report will be generated. More
  • Customize Invoice (e.g. Combine Description and Discount columns.) More
  • A complete List of customer workflow tasks: login to EzzyBills, click Workflow. You will see a list of workflow tasks on the left side.
  • (simPRO users) check PO status for your simPRO account when processing a bill (now it is included in the Default workflow)
  • Invoice Price Check – if the prices of your uploaded invoices has some changes, the result will be emailed to you. More
  • Foreign Language – invoices created on your supplier’s native language (e.g, Italian) will be translated to English. More
  • Account Split – will split a bill across multiple Accounts, items descriptions will be based on the Account Code split. More