Add workflow to check purchase order status

In this page, we will show you how to build a new workflow of checking purchase order status in your MYOB, simPRO, Xero, and NetSuite. This will be an additional step, when a bill is uploaded to EzzyBills for processing.

Below we will show the steps to set it up and explain how it works for MYOB users. A few variations are explained for other users.

In this example, a MOYB customer has a normal workflow for MYOB users with Approval on.

1. Login to your EzzyBills account, click the “Workflow” top menu

2. Screenshot your current workflow (keep it somewhere so that you can rebuild it, with one more component)

3. Click New

4. Choose Empty Workflow from the drop-down list, then click Create. This will create an empty workflow called “workflow 1”.

5. Click the drop-down arrow and choose “workflow 1” (which is empty at the moment). We will start to edit this workflow.

6. Drag all workflow tasks that are required for this new workflow (components of your existing workflow + “Check PO received”) from the left to right.

7. Connect the workflow components: (use mouse) left mouse click the middle edge point of one component, hold, and move to the middle edge point of the next component. When all components are connected, click Save. (If there is an error message, move components around and you will find which connection is actually not really connected. Re-connect that component. Save again.)

9. Click the drop-down arrow and choose “Workflow 1” and click switch to this workflow.

Now your current workflow is, with the component of “Check PO Received”


What does the step, “Check PO Received”, do for MYOB bills?

Now, before we export a bill to MYOB we check to see if the PO has been received.
If PO has NOT been received or does not exist then the bill will fail to export, with the follow status in EzzyBills.

  • PO number can be corrected by click “modify” link.
  • Once the PO has been received in MYOB, EzzyBills will export the bill (this will happen automatically every hour, or you can refresh the webpage and we will retry immediately).

This workflow should fit in the following tasks
1) Orders created in MYOB (manually by you)
2) Orders received in MYOB (manually by you)
3) Bills emailed to EzzyBills (by you)
4) An approver will approve the bill. (At this step, PO number can be corrected by click “modify” link.)
5) EzzyBills check to see if the PO exists and has been received. If so, it exports the bill to MYOB, otherwise the bill waits. (At this step, PO number can also be corrected by click “modify” link.)
6) Only received Item PO will end up in MYOB.
7) For service bills, a separate Ezzybills account shall be set up with default MYOB workflow.

Variations for Xero, simPRO and NetSuite users

The workflow task you will add is “Check PO Exists“, not “Check PO Received”. For these users, we will only check whether the PO exists. (For MYOB users we will check whether the PO exists and whether is received.)