For each EzzyBills account is given a unique upload email address, in the form of, where aaaa is closely derived from your user name.

In order to make email upload more powerful, we allow you to use upload email extension, where yyyy is your upload email extension.

A list of email extensions can be set up in your EzzyBills Settings

– for Approval and Expense claim purposes, in the List of Approvers.

  • For the List of Approvals to work, you do not need to tick “Enable Approval Workflow” in EzzyBills Settings.

See screenshot below. In this example the EzzyBills username is bike and the default email upload in

Most likely for you, the list shall be empty as you have not set it up yet. You can set it up by click “Add Approver”. Filled in required fields (Name, Approval Email) and then click “Save changes


In this list in the above screenshot,

mike is a normal employee. He is doing expense claim (My Expenses is ticked) and will need to be reimbursed. The expense claim will be email to for approval.

sarah is a project manager. All invoices emailed to will need to be approved by Sarah.

steve is another project manager. All invoices emailed to will need to be approved by Steve.

bruce is the owner and he uses company credit card with last 4 digit of 8345. All invoices emailed to will be sent to Xero as Spend Money.

Below is a list of other extensions that you can use (via email only, not for being used by EzzyBills phone app)

  1., where 8888 is the last four digits of your bank accounts set up in Xero (Xero only)  – to create a Spend Money transaction
  2. (Xero only)  – to create a Purchase Order  
  3.   – to create a sale invoice.
  4. – to process Recipient Created Tax Invoice (to process as sales, with additional customer identification)
  5. – to process it as an invoice – disable document classification
  6. – to process it an invoice with one or more additional file attachment
  7., where yyyy is an EzzyBills application name (login, click Apps)