How to integrate Ezzybills with simPRO?

Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to and click Try EzzyBills for free; Follow the prompt to set up a user account – make sure choose Integrate With simPRO.

Step 2: Create an API application in your simPRO  

Login to your simPRO. In System > Setup > API, click Create Application. Enter “EzzyBills” as the Company and Name, and set Grant Type to “API Key”.

Click the down arrow under the field Key File to download the key to a file. The file will look like the screenshot below. Copy the access_token and paste in Step 3 as the simPRO key.

The simPRO host name is whatever appears in your url when you login to simPRO. For example, the host name is “Billsbikes” if the url is

For more details on simPro API setup, visit

Step 3: Edit EzzyBills Settings 

  • Login to EzzyBills, click Settings. Add the simPRO Host and simPRO Key (which are generated in simPRO in Step 2). Your Settings would look like this screenshot below.
  • Click Save Settings. Now you have set up the connection between simPRO and EzzyBills.

  • Check the following EzzyBills Setting – Allow Stock Invoices. If it is not on, click to turn it on. (then click Save Settings)

  • Click Advanced Options, and check the following EzzyBills Settings for PO number extraction. Both of below settings are suitable.

1) PO numbers will be extracted based on EzzyBills’ list of keywords

2) PO numbers will be extracted based on your list of keywords (comma separated based on your supplier invoices).

Step 4: Import bills into simPRO  

Now the connection is all set. You can start to upload bills to EzzyBills (via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app). EzzyBills will then export the bills into simPRO.

NOTE: to upload a purchase order to simPRO, you must send the PO attached to an email to [your EzzyBills email username]  e.g.

Your EzzyBills email username can be found at the top of the home page of EzzyBills:

To upload a bill to simPRO, simply email/drag-and-drop/upload your bill to EzzyBills as you would normally.

Requirements of the bills:

  1. The Purchase Order for the bill must exist in simPRO (note: make sure you disable PO override)
  2. The item on the bills must exist in the simPRO catalog (or default item code is set to AUTO)
  3. Service invoice will not get processed into simPRO

How the integration works:  

When a bill is uploaded into EzzyBills we will extract the PO number from the bill,  then match the PO number with an order in simPRO. If the PO number does NOT exist in simPRO or the PO number has already been closed (i.e., fully billed) then we will just store the bill (we won’t process)

There is one other EzzyBills setting that affects behaviour, and this is the Default Item Code in Advanced Options. If this value is set o AUTO, and the item code on bill does no exist in simPRO then EzzyBills will create it.

Ezzybills will now export the bill to simPRO. There are 2 common cases, before the bill is uploaded to EzzyBills

  1. The PO has been created in simPRO,  but no lines were added to the PO
  2. The PO has been created in simPRO,  with lines.

For Case 1 above:

  1. EzzyBills will fill the PO with all the lines on the bill (creating the item codes if they are missing and the default item code=”AUTO”).
  2. EzzyBills will then receipt in all the bill lines. The bill is attached to the receipt in simPRO. The PO will stay open.
  3. You can upload more bills associated with the same PO. The steps 1 and 2 above will repeat.
  4. (Eventually, the PO will be closed manually by you.)

For Case 2 above:

  • The bill will get matched against the PO.
  • If the item on the bill does NOT exist on the PO then we will return an error (item does not exist on PO).
  • If the item does exist on the PO then the receipt will get created.

If the received quantity matches the PO, the PO will automatically get closed. If the received quantity does not match the PO then the PO will stay open.

If there are multiple bills for a single PO then you can load all bills in and the PO will automatically close once the PO quantity matches he bill quantity.

Five screenshots below for the Case 1 above:

(Screenshot 1 below: a PO that has been created in simPRO,  but no lines were added to the PO)

(Screenshot 2 below: New completed PO  – EzzyBills filled the PO with line data from the bills )

Screenshot 3 below: a receipt created by EzzyBills 

Screenshot 4 below: the bill file was sent by EzzyBills to simPRo as an attachment to the receipt

Screenshot 5 below: EzzyBills Log indicate the item code was created (3rd last line below)