DEAR Inventory

1. Connect EzzyBills to DEAR System Cloud Inventory


2. Import Supplier Invoices into DEAR via EzzyBills

After the connection is all set, you can start to upload supplier’s invoices to EzzyBills (via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app).

1) EzzyBills will extract the PO number from the invoice, and look for the matching PO in DEAR with the same PO number.

If a match PO is not found in DEAR, please follow this link here to rectify

2) After the match PO is found in DEAR for the invoice, and the PO is Authorised, EzzyBills will  (screenshot below)

  • EzzyBills will match each Bill line with a PO line.
  • If a Bill line does not exist on the PO (such as a freight charge), then the line be added as an ‘Addition Cost’.
  • The Source document will then be attached to the PO.

3) You will then, in DEAR

  • Authorise” the invoice in DEAR
  • Once you receive the stocks in your warehouse, you then click “Add Stock Receiving“, then “Copy From Invoice“. Edit the lines to verify the received items and click Authorize.

If all stocks are received, then the PO status will change to “Received” by Dear automatically. The steps in 3 can be automated by EzzyBills. If you need this, please contact us at support@ezzydoc.com.

3. What if the matching PO is not found?

If the PO is not found in DEAR, or the status is not right (for example, the PO is already closed), we will return an error. See screenshot below.

You will also receive an automatic email

Please follow the instructions in this link to rectify the PO matching issue.