1. Connect EzzyBills to DEAR System Cloud Inventory

2. Import Supplier Invoices into DEAR via EzzyBills (matching with a PO in DEAR)

After the connection is all set, you can start to upload supplier’s invoices to EzzyBills (via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app).

1) EzzyBills will extract the PO number from the invoice, and look for the matching PO in DEAR with the same PO number.

If a match PO is not found in DEAR, please follow this link here to rectify

2) After the match PO is found in DEAR for the invoice, and the PO is Authorised, EzzyBills will  (screenshot below)

  • EzzyBills will match each Bill line with a PO line.
  • If a Bill line does not exist on the PO (such as a freight charge), then the line be added as an ‘Additional Costs’.
  • The Source document will then be attached to the PO.

3) You will then, in DEAR

  • Authorise” the invoice in DEAR
  • Once you receive the stocks in your warehouse, you then click “Add Stock Receiving“, then “Copy From Invoice“. Edit the lines to verify the received items and click Authorize.

If all stocks are received, then the PO status will change to “Received” by Dear automatically. The steps in 3 can be automated by EzzyBills. If you need this, please contact us at support@ezzydoc.com.

3. What if the matching PO is not found?

If the PO is not found in DEAR, or the status is not right (for example, the PO is already closed), we will return an error. See screenshot below.

You will also receive an automatic email

Please follow the instructions in this link to rectify the PO matching issue.

4. Let EzzyBills to create items in DEAR for you 

In order for EzzyBills to create items for you,  please change the setting below (Settings > Advanced Options > Default Item Code”).   

If this setting is empty, we

5. Case Studies of Processing Supplier Invoices to DEAR via EzzyBills

There are 3 common cases, before the bill is uploaded to EzzyBills

  1. The PO has not be created in DEAR.
  2. The PO has been created in DEAR,  but no lines were added to the PO
  3. The PO has been created in DEAR,  with lines (with “Blind Receipt” box ticked).

Case 1: PO has not be created. EzzyBills will create the PO from the invoice uploaded.

  • You email the invoice to #.purchase@ezzybills.com, where #@ezzybills.com is your normal EzzyBills upload email.
  • If it is a new supplier, for the above to work, you need to manually create a supplier beforehand in DEAR called “Default”  with all data field filled (screenshot). We will then read these field data and use them to create the new supplier. ( Note: there is a recent change in DEAR that requires fields, such as payment term, to be set when creating a new supplier. DEAR api does not support to read default data for such fields. To get around it, we use the field data from “Default”.)
  • EzzyBills will process the invoice and create a Draft PO in DEAR, with lines. Attach the invoice file to the purchase.   Screenshot of the PO created by EzzyBills from an invoice

Note: you will then need to invoice & receive the PO in DEAR following a normal procedure:  click “Authorise” on the PO; Click “+ Invoicing & Receiving”.  Then click “Copy Remaining from Order” to fill the lines.  screenshot of invoicing & receiving a PO manually

Case 2: The PO has been created in DEAR,  but no lines were added to the PO yet

  • You upload the invoice (drag/drop, or email to EzzyBills).
  • EzzyBills will process the invoice, and find the PO in DEAR.

1) For the PO in DEAR, if the box for “Blind Receipt” is not checked. screenshot of blind receipt

  • the PO can not be invoiced because the PO status is not “authorised” (in DEAR, you cannot “authorise” an empty PO).   EzzyBills will give you an error: “Failed to create Receipt – Purchase task Order Status is not AUTHORISED”.

2) For the PO in DEAR, if the box for “Blind Receipt” is checked, it means that this purchase has no purchase order.

Case 3: The PO has been created in DEAR,  with lines

  • You upload the invoice (drag/drop, or email to EzzyBills).
  • EzzyBills will process the invoice, and find the PO in DEAR. Match the lines on the PO and create additional cost for extra lines on the invoice.  Create the invoice and attach the invoice file to the PO.  Screenshot

6. Create a bill without a PO in DEAR

This feature enables the creation of bills without a PO in DEAR.

It require a special workflow task “Create PO” to access this feature.

To use this feature,

  • Login EzzyBills, click “Workflow”. Create a new workflow with the “Create PO” task inserted before “DEAR Export”.  In this workflow, it should not include the task “check PO exist”.  The link next shows an example workflow to create:  “Create PO” workflow screenshot.
  • Set this new workflow as the “active” workflow if all your invoices to process via EzzyBills have no matching PO in DEAR.  If this is not the case, keep your standard DEAR workflow, which requires a matching PO, as the “active” workflow; and access this “create PO” workflow using its special email address, whenever you need it.  

How does it work: 

When you upload a bill to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will

  • automatically create a blind PO (in an approved state, with INVOICE FIRST). 
  • check each bill item to see whether it is a supplier item provided in your PRODUCT list in DEAR (this includes support for fuzzy description matching as well). Find the matching internal code in DEAR.  A Example of PRODUCT in DEAR
  • create the invoice in DEAR using the DEAR internal codes. 

(Note: for an item on the bill, if we cannot find an existing match item in your DEAR, we will give out error, unless the EzzyBills “Default Item Code” setting is set as “AUTO” as shown in Section 4 of this page. With this “AUTO” setting, we will create new item codes in DEAR if required before exporting.)

In this example invoice that is created by EzzyBills, CCDP10008 is supplier SKU on the bill. In your DEAR, the internal code is NAK10008; so we will use item code NAK10008 when exporting to DEAR.