Bypass Approval Workflow for those “List of Approvers”

In EzzyBills Settings, you may have (see screenshot below)

  • Have “Enable Approval Workflow” ticked; and
  • Set up some “List of Approvers

If you only have one of them setup, then you can skip this page.


Explaining “Approval Workflow” and “List of Approvers”

The normal interaction between them are explained below:

  • if you upload document normally to EzzyBills,

(without using any of the “Upload Email” in the “List of Approvers” table, without using any “Alias Name” on your EzzyBills Phone app)

    • these document will only go through the normal “Approval Workflow” (not be affected by “List of Approvers”).
  • If you email document to one of the “Upload Emails” in the “List of Approvers” table (or using any “Alias Name” on your EzzyBills Phone app),
      • we will email approval request to the corresponding “Approver Email” on the table (if Bypass Aprpoval is not ticked on the table).
      • Then the document will go through the normal “Approval Flow“.    For example, if you have “Single Level Approval”, one more person will need to approve this document.  If you want to bypass the “Approval Flow”, you can set an Approval Rule for the Approval Workflow (follow the steps below)


How to Bypass “Approval Workflow” when using “List of Approvers”


1. Login EzzyBills, click the Workflow top menu. See screenshot

2. Click one of submit workflow task on the flowchart – such as “Submit Workflow1[109]”).  See screenshot

3. In the Approval Rules below the workflow chart, tick the rule “If uploaded to List of Approvers (Direct Approval) then skip Workflow approval ? (yes/no)”

4. click the blue text and type “yes”

Then the rule is set as below.

5. If you have two-level approval workflow, repeat the steps 2-6 for the submit workflow task for the 2nd level approval

6. Click Save Settings.