Set approval rules based on invoice amount

In this example, we will set approval rules based on the invoice amount:

  • for invoice amount less than or equal to $1000, will approve
  • for invoice amount greater $1000, will approve


1. Login EzzyBills, click the Workflow top menu. See screenshot

2. Click one of submit workflow task on the flowchart – such as “Submit Workflow1[109]”).  See screenshot

3. In the Approval Rules below the workflow chart, tick the rule “If invoice amount <= ? will approve the invoice (amount,approver)”

4. click the blue text to add the amount and approver, separating by a comma

3. Then the rule is set as below.

4, repeat the steps 1-3 above, but for the rule “If invoice amount > ? will approve the invoice (amount,approver)”.  And you will have the rule set as below

5. Click Save Settings. The two rules that you just set will move to the top.