EzzyBills Expense Approval Workflow

EzzyBills offers Approval workflow for bills and expenses. When this function is enabled in EzzyBills Settings, your document will wait for approval before we export data to your accounting software. After the approval, they will be then exported to your accounting package.

Watch Tutorial Video (for single level email approval)

Watch Webinar Recording (long video with multiple-levels approval, approval rules and List of approval table )

You will have options of

  •      Approve after login to our web portal, or email approval without the need to login
  •      Work seamless with Xero, QuickBooks &  many other accounting software.
  •      Multiple-level approval workflow
  •      Setting rules to determine who will approve
  •      Level 3 and Level 4 approval workflow

Enable “Approval Workflow” for single or two-level approval

  • Tick the Enable Approval Workflow in the EzzyBills user Settings. Then click Save Settings

You will have the option to choose one-level or two-level (2-people) approval process. For two-level-approval, the 2nd approval happens after the 1st-level approval is finished.

You can provide the default approver emails for level 1, or level 2, or both if you already know who they are. And

    • if default approver is provided, we will email default approver automatically (a sample approval email)
    • The approver will simply click a button in the email to approve or reject, or modify & approve (approval email functions) . The email body has a status indicator to indicate whether it is done.

if default approver is not set, the account admin will need to login EzzyBills, click Search/Approve and then Wait for Approval  (screenshot) (more on Search/View/Approve)

    • to view and approve invoices on the web portal there  (screenshot) (more below: Admin approves and emails out approval requests)
    • to manually choose an email address to email the invoice out for approval (select and click Email Approval on the left)  (more below: Admin approves and emails out approval requests)
    • Construct approval rules as shown below to enable automatically email-approval-sending by EzzyBills

Set up three-level or four-level “Approval Workflow” 

Construct Approval Rules for “Approval Workflow”

Click Workflow top menu, click the workflow task (such as “Submit Workflow1[109]”) on the flowchart, and then edit the Approval Rules below the workflow chart. Click Save Settings.

Find out More on setting approval rules

Use “List of Approvers” table to set approvers

In EzzyBills Settings, you can set approvers in the “List of Approvers” table.

To use it: to upload invoices to these approvers, you will need to use the email upload, with email extension/alias provided in the Upload Email column in the table.    Find out more on List of Approvers and Email Extension (i.e. Email Alias)

See example below.

The table can be used for many purposes:

  • Spend Money transactions

(screenshot above: the entry with Name “bank” or “creditc” are examples)

Find out more at Process receipts as Spend Money (To Xero via phone app), or process receipts as Expense Receipts (To QuickBooks via phone app), Process receipts as Spend Money (To MYOB via phone app)

  • Employee Expense Claim

(screenshot above: the entry with Name “steve” is an example – where Steve’s manager’s email is put as Approver Email)

Find out more on Employee Expense Claim using EzzyBills Phone App

  • setting the approver for each business group, etc.

(screenshot above: the entry with Name “finance” is an example of use the table to process bills/expenses for the finance department)

Use “List of Approvers” table with an “Approval Workflow”.

  • If “List of Approvers” are set and the “Enable approval workflow” setting is off

A very simple case. The table will be used solely to determine whether an approver is required and who it is.

  • If “List of Approvers” are set and the “Enable approval workflow” setting is also on
    • By default, the “approver in the table” will approve the invoice first, then it will go through the “approval workflow” for further approval.
    • You can explicitly turn off the further approval in the “Approval Workflow” (how to bypass “Approval Workflow” for “List of Approvers”).
    • You can change the order of approval (not to get “approver in table” to approve first and let “approver in table”  to approve later in the “Approval Workflow”)

Admin approves and emails out approval requests

EzzyBills account Admin can login EzzyBills web portal to

1. approve any invoice by yourself

  • After login, click “Search/Approve“, then “Waiting for Approval”.
  • If an invoice has not been emailed out for approval, simply click Approve on the line for that invoice (you will have option to view/modify)

  • If an invoice is waiting for email for approval, you can override it – select the invoice by clicking the select box, then click the Cancel button (screenshot below). Then click Approve on the line (screenshot above).

2. email out approval request to someone else in the company

  • After login, click “Search/Approve“, then “Waiting for Approval”.
  • select the invoice (tick the select box), click Email Approval – see screenshot below, then type an email address (or choose from a list) to email an approval request.

  • if the invoice is waiting for email approval, you can override default approvers or approval rules (such as:  the approver is sick and temporarily unavailable).

select an invoice, then click “Cancel” (screenshot above). Then either (1) click Approve on the line to approve by the Admin person, or (2) tick the box to select, then click Email Approval out to someone else in your company.