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EzzyBills User Guide

Sync Your Gmail – GSuite Email – to EzzyBills

GSuite email is Gmail with an email address not ending in, rather with a customized domain name, such as

Syncing you GSuite Email requires two main steps:

  1. Ask your Gmail Admin person to whitelist our app “EzzyBills Mail Connector”
  2. Login to EzzyBills and connect EzzyBills to your Gmail

Below are the detailed steps:

Step 1:  Whitelist “EzzyBills Mail Connector” by the Admin

1.1  Login to GSuite Admin Console. Choose Apps,

1.2  On G Suite Marketplace apps, click MANAGE

1.3  Choose “Allow users to install only whitelisted applications from G Suite Marketplace”. Click Manage whitelist link

1.4 Type in “EzzyBills” to search.

The following “EzzyBills Mail Connector” will show up – you will see EzzyBills logo as shown below. Click Add To Whitelist,

Step 2:  Login to EzzyBills and Connect EzzyBills to your Gmail 

Now you are ready to connect EzzyBills to your email.

Follow steps here to connect you Gmail to EzzyBills

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