EzzyBills User Guide

05. Sale Invoices to MYOB

I. sale status – quote/order/invoice

EzzyBills processes sale invoices into MYOB as either of the options below


  1. For MYOB, sale quotes/orders/invoices are the same document, but at different “status”.
  2. If you log in MYOB using a web browser, sale orders are not visible. So you will change EzzyBills workflow setting to choose sale invoices or sale quotes [screenshot].
  3. If you login to MYOB AccountRight on your desktop, you will see sales in all 3 status.

How to upload & process sale invoices?

How to enable item invoice formats?

To enable item invoice formats, please follow the instruction on this link below to make required setting changes:

How to enable item codes and how item matching works at EzzyBills.

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