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Q56: How to match the correct suppliers in QuickBooks?

Keep Vendor (i.e. Suppliers) Information up to date in your QuickBooks Online, with

  1. correct key vendor/supplier data, which is Phone number for USA customers, ABN for Australian, VAT registration number for UK, GST registration number for Canadian and New Zealand customers, and BRN or UEN for Singapore.
    • In QuickBooks USA, put vendor phone number in the field “Phone”. In standard format : (888)828-0339.
    • In QuickBooks Canada, put vendor business number (GST, GST/HST, or FHST number) (9-digits, excluding the letters and extra numbers) in the field Business ID No.”, no space.
    • In QuickBooks UK,  put VAT number in the field “Other” for the supplier.  In standard format, or no space (more)
    • In QuickBooks Australia, put ABN in the field “ABN” for the supplier. In standard format: 12 345 678 901, or no space.
    • In QuickBooks New Zealand, put the GST registration number in the field “Business Number” for the supplier.
    • In QuickBooks Singapore, put the business number (BRN or UEN) in the field “Business Number” for the supplier.
  2. bank details (in the field “Account no”) – this is optional, however, may be important when above data is absent on the invoice.
  3. If you have two suppliers with the same key vendor data (such as ABN/VAT/GST/Phone number as explained in (1), you will need additional data to separate them. Find a unique text block on the invoice, and copy/paste this text block to the “Mobile” field in QuickBooks supplier data (screenshot
  4. In order for your company (or associated companies of yours with similar names) to not be identified as a supplier:
    1. Provide My Company Name in EzzyBills settings (as a common separated list if you have more than one) for USA users.
    2. Alternatively, for users of Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, 1) provide MY ABN/GST/VAT in EzzyBills settings (no space in the number; multiple numbers can be provided, separated by a comma). This is also used as an exclusion list of business numbers from being extracted.  2) If your company is one of the suppliers in QuickBooks, enter your business number in your supplier data in QuickBooks. (Note: Method 2 is also used as a way to exclude a list of business numbers from being extracted).
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