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EzzyBills User Guide

01. Getting Started for QuickBooks users

Set up an EzzyBills account for QuickBooks Online

To sign-up to a new EzzyBills trial account:

  • visit, and click the “14-Days Free Trial” button to sign-up to a new user account.
  • In the sign-up form, for “Integrate with”, choose “QuickBooks Online”. [screenshot]

Connect to QuickBooks

1. Login, go to “Dashboard” > click “Connect to QuickBooks”.

If you cannot see the button in step 1, click “Apps” on the left-hand menu on your EzzyBills account and then click the QuickBooks Icon. Below it, click connect.

2. A pop-up window will come up next, which is from QuickBooks for you login and authorize this connection. You may need to disable the Pop-up blocker on your web browser or use a different browser.

Upload your first test invoices

Go to Dashboard. Select or drag/drop one or a few supplier invoice files. Or email invoices to the EzzyBills upload email address.

Wait for the processing to finish for the test invoices. You will see invoice tiles appear, showing the processing status of each invoice. When it is done, click a link “QBO”  button on the tile to open it in your QuickBooks Online account.

Below is an example bill in QuickBooks, created by EzzyBills.

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