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EzzyBills User Guide

Check-PO Workflow for DEAR Integration

EzzyBills and DEAR integration includes a Checking PO workflow task. During this task, we will look in DEAR for the PO number found on the invoice.

  1.  If a match is found, we will export the invoice to DEAR.
  2. if no match is found, please follow the steps below to rectify the situation.

If no matching PO is found in DEAR,

you will see an error message telling you the PO does not exist in DEAR.

  • To see the processing status, move your mouse over one of the invoice tiles with the light green color (screenshot below)

(Screenshot 1 below: on the main EzzyBills page)

  • To see the processing status, alternatively, click the Search/Approve Show All

(Screenshot 2 below: on the Search/Approve page.)

Actions to rectify “no matching PO”

Check-PO workflow will wait for one of the two actions from you to rectify

  1. modify the PO number from the invoice by clicking “modify” link (which appears both on Screenshot 1, or on the Screenshot 2 above at the far right )
  2. create a PO in DEAR with this PO number.

Either of which above will lead to a match, and we will go through next task of exporting the invoice to DEAR.

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