MYOB Sale Invoices (Accounts Receivable)


Sale invoices are supported by EzzyBills with following two options:

Option 1: Enable “Accounts Receivable” each time you process sale invoices  (Important: turn it off afterwards each time!)


Option 2: Allow EzzyBills to automatically determine the invoice type (sale invoice vs. supplier invoice).  All you need to do is, once for all

  • log in to EzzyBills,
  • click the user setting dropping down menu
  • uncheck the “Accounts Receivable” option
  • Click the Advance Options, and add a phrase to the ‘Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword’.
  • Click “Save”

Please note that

  • To export a Sales Invoice to MYOB we also need to determine the Customer.  Read more
  • You should also ensure that the Invoice Number are unique. MYOB will reject duplicate sale invoice numbers

Below is an example Sales Invoice,