MYOB Sale Invoices (Accounts Receivable)


EzzyBills processes sale invoices into MYOB as Sale Orders.

There are two options to make changes in the Settings so that invoices will be recognized as sales (not purchases):

Option 1: Enable “Accounts Receivable” each time you process sale invoices  (Important: turn it off afterwards each time!)


Option 2: Allow EzzyBills to automatically determine the invoice type (sale invoice vs. supplier invoice).  All you need to do is, once for all

  • log in to EzzyBills,
  • click the user setting dropping down menu
  • uncheck the “Accounts Receivable” option
  • Click the Advance Options, and add a phrase to the ‘Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword’.
  • Click “Save”

Please note that

  • To export a Sales Invoice to MYOB we also need to determine the Customer.
  • You should also ensure that the Invoice Number are unique. MYOB will reject duplicate sale invoice numbers
  • All sales are exported into MYOB as sale orders (not open invoices).

Below is an example Sales Invoice,