MYOB Job Tracking

EzzyBills for MYOB supports Job Tracking.

Below is an example showing how it works.

1) The Customer Ref is extracted from the invoice (in this case 227359)

2) The Customer number is then saved in the Journal Memo as Account=227359;


3) You now need to go through the invoice and set the Job number manually in MYOB

4) MYOB now contains a link between the JOB number and the Customer Ref number. You need to click “Refresh GL” in EzzyBills User’s Setting to pass this invoice linkage immediately to EzzyBills (otherwise, it will be done weekly) .

5) Now if you upload a new invoice with Customer Number 227539, we will export the invoice and set the Job number for you.




1) All lines in an invoice will have the same tracking data.
2) In the above example, “Customer Number” is used for job tracking; it could be other numbers such as “Job Number”, or “Reference Number”.
3) To help EzzyBills extract the correct number for job tracking, you can set the ‚ÄúPurchase Order Keywords” (as shown below)


Under the user profile setting, tick “Override Purchase Keywords”, and type in the common key phrases for job tracking, and then click “Save”.