Item Invoice – MYOB

Item invoices (or stock invoices) are invoices that have “item number” and quantities, for inventory management.
EzzyBills supports item invoices. To use it, in EzzyBills user Settings, enable the option Allow Stock Invoices and then SAVE.

When an invoice is uploaded to EzzyBills and item codes are extracted, then,

  • If the item code of the first line exists in your MYOB account, we will export this invoice into MYOB as an item invoice, with “Item Num” field filled automatically. If subsequent item codes don’t exist then the export fails with a “Item code does Not Exist” error. You will need to manually add them in MYOB, and afterwards click “Send to MYOB” in EzzyBills to reprocess the invoice.


  • Alternatively,
    1. if the default item code is set in EzzyBill user Settings, and the default item code exists in MYOB, then we will export it as item invoice (with all item codes set to the Default Item Code.  You will need to make sure the default item code exist in your MYOB account. If not, add it before using it.

2. If the default item code is set to be AUTO, item codes, if not exist in MYOB, will be created by EzzyBills and export to MYOB.

  • We also check the Purchase Layout of the supplier in your MYOB account. If it is set to be “Item”, invoices to this supplier will be exported as item invoices. If no item codes, default item code set in the EzzyBills Settings (and in the MYOB list) will be used.

For example for NOLAN, if you set the Purchase Layout to “Item” (in Buying Details)

The bill from NOLAN will be exported like (note*: you need to set a Default Item Code in EzzyBills, and add this code in MYOB item list)

  • Otherwise it will be exported as a normal purchase – service invoice (no fill in the “Item” field).