Invoice File Get Attached in MYOB

For MYOB users, you will now be able to see the invoice file in your MYOB account, attached to the bill/sale invoices that EzzyBills has created.  This will be a great feature for MYOB users.  MYOB made this API available recently and we implemented this within just a few days. 

This feature will be available to you automatically – no requirement for you to do anything.

MYOB Essentials:

For MYOB Essentials, once you open the bill in your account the attached document will be automatically displayed. (see screenshot below)

MYOB AccountRight:

For MYOB AccountRight, you will need to click “Attachments” (see the yellow highlight) to see the documents with the invoice log included. (see screenshot below)

If you use EzzyBills approval workflow, we will also attach the approval notes in a PDF file.   In MYOB Essentials, or the online version of MYOB AccountRight, often one of the files is shown; the one that is shown may not be the invoice file, which is not desirable.  So we add the option for you to turn off the attachment, or only attach the invoice file. To access this option, login to EzzyBills, click Workflow menu, select the workflow task “MYOB export“, and copy the sample setting text and copy in the setting text box, and modify the text according to the instruction there. Then click Save.