Email files to MYOB In Tray

EzzyBills + MYOB In Tray

This feature is obsolete. It is not used anymore. It was used to bring in invoice file attachment to MYOB.  The process is explained below:

  • MYOB In Tray is a service that you can email a file directly to MYOB. Once the file is in the In Tray, MYOB then allows you manually attach the file to a bill.
  • You can add an additional Task to the standard EzzyBills workflow to email the file to MYOB In Tray.

Create a new EzzyBills workflow

1. Login to your EzzyBills account, click the “Workflow“.

2. Click New.

3. Choose Empty Workflow from the drop-down list, then click Create. This will create an empty workflow called “workflow 1”.

4. Back in the main workflow page, snap a photo of your existing workflow. Yours may be different as you may have approval on.

(Example screenshot below is the standard workflow for MYOB users)

5. Click the drop-down arrow and choose “workflow 1” (which is empty at the moment). We will start to edit this workflow.

6. Drag all workflow components that is required for this new workflow (components of your existing workflow in step 4, plus “Export Email [107]”) from the left to the middle.

7. Connect the workflow components: use mouse, left mouse click the middle edge point of one component, hold, and move to the middle edge point of the next component.

8. When all components are connected, click Save

9. Click the drop-down arrow and choose “Workflow 1” and click switch to this workflow.  Now you this new workflow becomes your active workflow.

10. Click Settings (a top menu). Then click Advanced Options.  Put your MYOB In Tray email address in the field below. Click Save Settings.

Now, when you upload a bill or receipt to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will send a copy of the file to your MYOB In Tray. You can then manually attach the file to the bill.