Converting Purchase Orders (PO) to Bills


For MYOB users, EzzyBills supports the conversion of purchase orders (PO) to bills. It is done automatically. It works as follow:

1. An invoice is uploaded and we extract the PO number off the invoice
2. If the PO number on the invoice matches the Purchase No. on an existing Order in MYOB, we will compare both the amounts and invoice layout type (service or item).

  • If both amount and type match, we will set this PO number on the Bill (in the field Purchae No.), basically converting the Order to a Bill.
  • If not both match, we will generate the Bill in MYOB with an auto-generated purchase number.

3. If  the invoice does not contain a PO number, or the associated PO does not exist, we export the invoice as a Bill (with an auto-generated Purchase No.).
4. If the associated Order exists but it has already been converted into a Bill, then we will export the Invoice to MYOB, and set the Purchase number to the PO number. (i.e. you can have multiple invoices with same purchase Order).

An example is provided below:

  • Let’s create a new PO in MYOB (00061500) (see screen shot below). This is an item invoice, for job 125.

  • When the goods are delivered, you will receive a Supplier Invoice.


  • You upload the invoice to EzzyBills. If this supplier invoice contains a PO number then we will extract it (in this case 0061500). We export the invoice to MYOB as a bill. We will copy the Job number from the matching PO and put in the bill.

(This is a item invoice. In the case of service invoice, we will also copy over the Account Code.)

  • As the number and dollar amount on the invoice match an existing PO, we will convert the matching PO (this case: with PO number 00061500) into a Bill. You will see a message/log in EzzyBills like this below: