Converting Purchase Orders (PO) to Bills

For MYOB users, EzzyBills supports the conversion of Purchase Orders (PO) to Bills. It is done automatically. It works as follow:

1. An invoice is uploaded and we extract the PO number off the invoice
2. If the Invoice contains a PO number, and a PO containing this number exists in MYOB, then we will convert the PO into a Bill (i.e. remove PO from Orders and add to Bills and update the invoice with the correct details).
3. If the invoice does not contain a PO number, or the associated PO does not exist, we export the invoice as a Bill (with an auto-generated PO).
4. If the associated PO exists but it has already been converted into a Bill, then we will export the Invoice to MYOB, and set the Purchase number to the PO number. (i.e. you can have multiple invoices with same purchase Order).

An example is provided below:

  • For example, let’s create a new PO in MYOB (1504004) (see screen shot below)


  • The PO will appear in the purchases register.


  • When the goods are delivered, you will receive a Supplier Invoice. If this supplier invoice contains a PO number then we will extract it (in this case 1504004). Then when we export the invoice to MYOB, we will convert its associated PO into a Bill.


  • The associated PO will now get converted to a Bill.


  • The EzzyBills log will indicate this.


  • In some cases, you will receive multiple invoices for the same PO. If this occurs, each Bill will contain the same PO number (in this example 01504004)
    Note*:  for the first invoice, the purchase order gets turned into a Bill whereas the subsequent invoices are just exported, with the correct PO number set.