Set up connection to your MYOB account

1. Login to EzzyBills. For the first time user, click the button “Connect to MYOB”. (To reconnect, if you do not see the button, refresh the browser window. )

2.  Type in your (my.myob) user name and password and click “Sign in”.  Then choose a company file and click connect.




3.  To test the connection, upload your first invoice, and wait for the invoice to be processed.  A tile will be generate to show the status of the invoice.  When it is done successful, the tile changes from light to dark green. Then the connection is successful. All done.

4.  If in step 3, there is an error message showed on the test invoice tile like this below, proceed to step 5.

5. In EzzyBills, click Settings and type in your MYOB Company File User Name and Password. Click “Save Settings“.

(this is the user name and password you use when logging into MYOB Account Right).




Alternatively, you can link your company and my.MYOB accounts and then you won’t need to enter your company file details. You link them by clicking on the checkbox “Link this User ID to your my.MYOB account” when you log into AccountRight.



5. In EzzyBills, click “EzzyBills” to go back to the main login screen.

Click the browser refresh button (a circular arrow) – and the failed invoice will restart to process again.

When the reprocessing is done, if the invoice tile turns green as shown on the screenshot for step 2, it means the connection is successful. Well Done.