Set up connection to your MYOB account

1. Login to EzzyBills. For the first time user, click the button “Connect to MYOB”.

2.  Type in your (my.myob) user name and password and click “Sign in”.


(Back at EzzyBills, invoices are being processed again.  But it might fail with the following message. We will deal with this at step 4 below. If no error, proceed to step 5)


3. Click the EzzyBills user profile icon and type in your MYOB Company File User Name and Password. Click “Save”.

(this is the user name and password you use when logging into MYOB Account Right).




Alternatively, you can link your company and my.MYOB accounts and then you won’t need to enter your company file details. You link them by clicking on the checkbox “Link this User ID to your my.MYOB account” when you log into AccountRight.



5. Back at EzzyBills, the red button will now turn into the blue button “Send to MYOB”. All done! Once for All! Congratulations!

(To test:  Upload one invoice – wait for it to finish;  click “Send to MYOB”. Wait a second or two, you will see the invoice processing status message. When it is done, check your MYOB account to find the invoice.)