Set up EzzyBills & connect to MYOB Essentials

This page shows you the steps to set up an EzzyBills trial account, and then connect it to your MYOB Essentials account

Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to and click Try EzzyBills for free; Follow the prompt to set up a user account – make sure choose Integrate With MYOB Essentials.

Step 2: Connect EzzyBills to your MYOB Essentials Account   

2.1  Login to EzzyBills.  Click the button “Connect to MYOB”.

2.2  Type in your (my.myob) user name and password and click “Sign in“.


2.3 Then choose the correct Essentials company file and click connect


Step 3: Testing

After step 2, you will be taken back to EzzyBills.

  • Now you are ready to upload a test invoice by click Select to select a file on your computer, or email an invoice file to your EzzyBills upload email address
  • Once it is uploaded, a light green invoice tile will show up, showing the status of the processing.
  • Once the processing is finished, you will see the tile color changes to darker green color (screenshot below)
  • Move your mouse over the tile, you will see the information (screenshot below). In the bracket is the Bill Number” – use this number to find this bill that we have just exported to your MYOB.

(screenshot below: first upload is finished)

(screenshot below: find the bill in your MYOB – Purchase > Bills). Click the Bill number as highlighted below to view the bill

(screenshot below: a service bill created by EzzyBills in MYOB)

  • The screenshot below is an example of a service bill.
  • EzzyBills can also create item bills – you will need to Enable Stock Invoices in Settings,
  • The Notes box at the end contains the url for the source document (copy/paste it to a web browser to view).