Keep your contact update in your accounting software

EzzyBills is very accurate in finding the correct suppliers for you, matching the correct one in your accounting software, with accuracy over 95% of the time.

To ensure EzzyBills get suppliers right for nearly 100% of the time, please follow the best practices below.

  • Keep “Contact” data up to date in your accounting software for suppliers, with 1) a correct business number (ABN, GST, or VAT), and 2) for some cases, phone number, email address or bank account number etc.
  • Provide My ABN/GST/VAT number and/or My Company Name in EzzyBills user settings (so that your business will not be chosen as an supplier). Click Save Settings afterwards.
  • Take advantage of EzzyBills automatic learning (which is done once a week, based the changes you made in your accounting software).

How to diagnose and fix the issue?

1) If there is an business number on the invoice file, go to your accounting software

  • find the wrong supplier that was used, and ensure the business number is correctly set (not using the business number for another supplier).
  • find the correct supplier that should be used, to make sure the business number is correctly set too.

2) If there is not a business number on the invoice,

  • make sure the supplier in your accounting software has more details to give EzzyBills more data to find a perfect match.
  • in EzzyBills Settings, you click “Refresh/Learn” before processing more invoices from the same supplier.

3) For issues that persist, email to with the DocID number for the invoice. Our support team will sort it out for you, always.

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