For bills, at the time of exporting to your accounting software, such as Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, we will check the supplier name, invoice number, invoice amount in your accounting software, if there is a bill with same data for these 3 fields, we have found a duplicate. The bill that we export to your accounting software will be then deleted as a duplicate.

For purchase receipts, if we determine it is a receipt, we won’t do duplicate detection.

For exporting to simPRO, simPRO will not allow the same invoice number to be receipted twice to the same PO. Therefore, a duplicate will lead to a simPRO error and therefore cannot be receipted.

During the approval stage, which generally occurs before exporting, we do not check duplicate (as of now Aug/2021): A bill may be emailed for you to approval even though the same bill has been approved before. This behavior may be changed in the future.

For sale invoices, most accounting system does not allow the same invoice number to be used more than once. Therefore, we could not export to your accounting software with a duplicate.