Does EzzyBills support Multiple currencies to Xero?

Yes.  EzzyBills will use your Xero Organization’s default currency.  For a supplier of a different currency, please set the currency for this supplier in Xero Contact. Then EzzyBills will use this currency when processing this supplier’s invoices to Xero...

How to upload Xero Import Files

EzzyBills supports upload of sale invoices with a Xero import file.  A Xero import file is a csv file (containing comma separated values) that Xero allows you to import. The csv file may be generated when you use third party sale software. Each file contains data of...

Where are the bills going to appear in Xero (i.e. status)?

By default all invoices and receipts will be exported to Xero as a draft in the “Draft” folder. In EzzyBills Settings, Exported Status can be modified to “Awaiting Approval” or “Approved – Waiting for Payment” as well.