Can I process receipts as Spend Money?

Yes, you can. Please click the links below to find out more Spend Money to Xero via phone app, or Expense Receipt to QuickBooks via phone app Spend Money Transactions to MYOB (watch video here)

How to process sale invoices?

The short answer is Email to ###.sale@ezzybills.com, where ###@ezzybills.com is your normal EzzyBills upload email address. It is the best to click this link to find out more, including customer identification:   more on sale invoices processing...

What types of invoices does EzzyBills process? 

EzzyBills can process purchase bills, receipts, sale invoices or purchase orders. They can be scanned images, PDF files, emails (attachment, in-body, hyperlinks), or photo snaps. Or  csv files, Excel, or Words. By default all invoices and receipts will be exported to...