Set up EzzyBills for multi-company simPRO account


When purchase orders (PO) created on multi-company simPRO, the PO can belong any of the companies under your simPRO host.

When you upload a bill to EzzyBills, EzzyBills can identify which company the bill belongs to by looking up the PO list and then re-routing the bill to the correct company. To achieve this you need to configure EzzyBills correctly as shown below.

  1. Setup an EzzyBills account (which I will refer to as your group account). This group account can be connected to one of your simPRO companies. Connect this account to your simPRO.
  2. After that, add an EzzyBills account under this group with the user name same as one of your simPRO companies (click Settings, by clicking on ‘Add new Account to YOUR group’).

Screenshot 1 below: for step 2

Screenshot 2 below – for step 2: an example of simPRO companies

Screenshot 3 below – for step 2: set up a new EzzyBills account.

3. Connect this account to the simPRO company. The host and key will be the same as the Group account, the only difference is the company name.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for all of your other simPRO companies

5. Switch to the EzzyBills account that is the head of the group, click Workflow, and click “Check PO” workflow task and copy the sample setting to enable multi- company. Then the set up is done. Please upload the bill this EzzyBills account, not the other EzzyBills accounts under the group.