EzzyBills also supports the processing credit notes to simPRO. You shall upload a credit note to EzzyBills in the same way that you upload a bill. EzzyBills will automatically detect whether it is a bill or a credit note.

Please note that: 1) in simPRO, a “credit note” has to be linked with an existing “receipt” (sample one). When EzzyBills processes a credit note, we will find the matching receipt in simPRO, and process the credit note to the receipt.

So in order for you to find the credit note in simPRO, either click the “SIMPRO” link in EzzyBills.

or click the matching receipt in simPRO and then click “Credits” tab

Please note that in simPRO,  make sure the conditions below are met. Otherwise, the credit note exporting to simPRO will fail with a simPRO error.