A “Description PO” in simPRO does not have line details (no item codes are assigned).

If you upload a purchase invoice to EzzyBills, we will find the PO number on the invoice. EzzyBills will check simPRO to see if the PO is a Catalog PO or a Description PO. If the matching PO in your simPRO is a Description PO:

  • EzzyBills will receipt in the bill to the PO as a “Description” Receipt: the invoice header details (such as invoice number, total and date) will get imported to simPRO, and the description from the PO will get copied over.

See Screenshots below:

Screenshot 1: How to create a Description PO in simPRO (when create a PO, set the PO type to be “From Description”)


Screenshot 2: A Description PO in simPRO (created manually by simPRO a user) (with description and amount, but no line items)

Screenshot 3: A “Description Receipt” created by EzzyBills