Process invoices to simPRO – Case 1:

Fill an empty PO with items from invoices

  1. EzzyBills will fill the PO with all the lines on the bill (creating the item codes if they are missing and the default item code=”AUTO”).
  2. EzzyBills will then receipt in all the bill lines. The bill is attached to the receipt in simPRO. The PO will stay open.
  3. You can upload more bills associated with the same PO. The steps 1 and 2 above will repeat.
  4. (Eventually, the PO will be closed manually by you.)

5 screenshots below:

(Screenshot 1 below: a PO that has been created in simPRO,  but no lines were added to the PO)

(Screenshot 2 below: New completed PO  – EzzyBills filled the PO with line data from the bills )

Screenshot 3 below: a receipt created by EzzyBills 

Screenshot 4 below: the bill file was sent by EzzyBills to simPRo as an attachment to the receipt

Screenshot 5 below: EzzyBills Log indicate the item code was created (3rd last line below)