simPRO Expense Approval by Job Managers

EzzyBills supports Job Manager Approval – the approver is determined by EzzyBills looking up the job manager in simPro (under PO > JOB > Manager)

How to enable this?

  • Login EzzyBills, click Workflow top menu.
  • Click New. Choose the “Simpro Project Approval workflow”, click Create.

  • Choose the “Simpro Project Approval workflow”, click Switch to this workflow


How does it work?

  • When an invoice uploaded to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will read the PO number off the invoice. Then find this PO in simPRO and the job manager for this PO and his email address.
  • EzzyBills then email this job manager an approval request (job manager will then click a button on the email to approve, reject, or modify/approve).

Screenshot 1: a job in simPRO

Screenshot 2: a PO in simPRO, allocated to a job

Screenshot 3: EzzyBills Approval Email