EzzyBills Integration with simPRO

simPRO press release – April 2021

What does EzzyBills do for simPRO users?

  1. Eliminate the data entry by using EzzyBills to import supplier invoices into simPRO
  2. Create a PO order in simPRO  (from the order emailed to – see details in 2.1 below)
  3. EzzyBills can fill your empty purchase orders with invoice line details.
  4. Automate the process of matching invoices with purchase orders
  5. Create a PO order for a job in simPRO and receipt the PO (see section 3: Case 4)
  6. Process invoices from contractors, matching work orders in simPRO (see section 3: case 6 below)
  7. You will have the option of using EzzyBills Approval process to approve bills before getting paid.

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1. Connect EzzyBills to simPRO

2. Import Order & Supplier Invoices into simPRO via EzzyBills

After the connection is all set, you can start to upload bills to EzzyBills (via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app). EzzyBills will then export the bills into simPRO.

2.1 To upload a purchase order to simPRO, you must send the PO attached to an email to [your EzzyBills email username]  e.g.

Your EzzyBills email username can be found at the top of the home page of EzzyBills:

2.2 To upload a bill to simPRO, simply email/drag-and-drop/upload your bill to EzzyBills as you would normally.

Requirements of the bills:

  1. The Purchase Order for the bill must exist in simPRO (note: make sure you disable PO override)
  2. The item on the bills must exist in the simPRO catalog (or default item code is set to AUTO)
  3. Service invoice will not get processed into simPRO

3. Case Studies of Process Supplier Invoices/bills to simPRO

When a bill is uploaded into EzzyBills we will extract the PO number from the bill,  then match the PO number with an order in simPRO. If the PO number does NOT exist in simPRO or the PO number has already been closed (i.e., fully billed) then we will just store the bill (we won’t process)

There is one other EzzyBills setting that affects behaviour, and this is the Default Item Code in Advanced Options. If this value is set o AUTO, and the item code on bill does no exist in simPRO then EzzyBills will create it.

Ezzybills will now export the bill to simPRO. There are 3 common cases, before the bill is uploaded to EzzyBills

  1. The PO has been created in simPRO,  but no lines were added to the PO
  2. The PO has been created in simPRO,  with lines.
  3. The PO is a Description PO in simPRO (no item codes, no lines)

Case 1: Fill empty PO with items on the invoices.  

  1. EzzyBills will fill the PO with all the lines on the bill (creating the item codes if they are missing and the default item code=”AUTO”).
  2. EzzyBills will then receipt in all the bill lines. The bill is attached to the receipt in simPRO. The PO will stay open.
  3. You can upload more bills associated with the same PO. The steps 1 and 2 above will repeat. (Tip: for this to work, when you create a new PO number in simPRO, make sure to untick this option on the top right corner – Status: Auto Adjust.)
  4. (Eventually, with PO status: Auto Adjust off, the PO will be closed manually by you.)

Video:  Fill/receipt an empty Purchase Order in simPRO   (2 minutes)

Find out more (or just see some screenshots)

A special use case: supplier use one same item code for all items

Case 2: Receipt PO lines with items on the invoices.

  • The bill will get matched against the PO.
  • If the item on the bill does NOT exist on the PO then we will return an error (item does not exist on PO).
  • If the item does exist on the PO then the receipt will get created.

On the receipt,   1) Qty and Prices come from the bill,   2)  Item Codes are determined based on description matching and other factors;  3) Item “Name” is copied from the PO (not from the bill description).

If there are multiple bills for a single PO then you can upload all bills to EzzyBills. EzzyBills will receipt each item with the quantities on each bill.  Note: the total Qty that can be receipted cannot not be more than the Qty on the PO (reason: simPRO does not allow it). 

If the received quantities match with those on the PO for all lines, the PO will automatically get closed (if, on the PO, the option “Auto Adjust” beside the Status is ticked). If not all lines are fully receipted, the PO will stay open. 

If the total price of the bill and PO does not match, an automatic email notification is sent.

Video: EzzyBills + Simpro:  Receipt purchase order lines automatically with multiple invoices  (5 minutes)

Case 3: Receipt a “Description PO” with an invoice/bill 

A “Description PO” in simPRO does not have line details (no item codes are assigned).

If you upload a purchase invoice to EzzyBills, we will find the PO number on the invoice. EzzyBills will check simPRO to see if the PO is a Catalog PO or a Description PO. If the matching PO in your simPRO is a Description PO:

  • EzzyBills will receipt in the bill to the PO as a “Description” Receipt: the invoice header details (such as invoice number, total and date) will get imported to simPRO, and the description from the PO will get copied over.

Note: currently, simPRO only allows one receipt for each “Description PO” (multiple receipts are not supported)

Find more at

Case 4: Job Cost workflow for simPRO users  

You will need to follow the link below to create a separate workflow for job costing.  After it is set up, you will be able to email your receipts/invoices to EzzyBills with a special email address to access this workflow.  Then you will assign the job in EzzyBills.  EzzyBills will then create a PO allocated to the job and receipt the PO.

More on create and use Job Cost workflow for simpro users

Case 5: Replace one-line PO with the lines on the bill  

Scenario: The PO has one line, which is not on the bill. The PO was created with only one line, which were intended to be replaced by the lines on the bill.  For example the PO line contains “Materials for job” and the invoice is a Bunnings invoice with 10 items, and what you need to happen is for EzzyBills to receipt in the bill lines, rather than trying to match with the PO line.

What does EzzyBills do?  EzzyBills will compare the amount between the bill and the PO with a tolerance of 10%. EzzyBills will remove the PO line and receipt in all the lines on the bill. 

Note: simPRO does not allow 0 quantity, so EzzyBills could not zero out the PO line If you want to find out what the PO line was, find it in the simPRO “log” for the PO.

Case 6: Processing contractors invoice, matching existing work orders in simPRO

You have created a work order for a contractor job. When the contractor sends the invoice to you. You upload it EzzyBills and EzzyBills will find the matching work order and create an invoice for this order. 

Find out more: Process invoices to matching work orders in simpro

What if the PO does not existing in simPRO yet? 

  • or (the invoice contains an incorrect PO number) or  (there is no PO number on the invoice) or (the PO number is not extracted)

You will see an error message (as shown in the screenshot below). You will get email notification as well.

Video: EzzyBills + Simpro:  EzzyBills Check PO Workflow and How to best use EzzyBills  (8 minutes)

4. Process Delivery Receipts to simPRO

EzzyBills also supports the processing delivery receipts to simPRO – find out more here

5. Process Credit Notes to simPRO

EzzyBills also supports the processing credit notes to simPRO. You shall upload a credit note in the same way that you upload a bill. We will automatically detect whether it is a bill or a credit note.    Find out more

6. EzzyBills expense approval for simPRO

EzzyBills has approval workflow for all users, including simPRO users. With this, invoices you upload to EzzyBills will wait for approval before exporting to simPRO. Find out more 

In addition, there is a special approval case for simPRO: Automatically Allocate Job Manager to Approve an Invoice.

7. Additional feature: Checking before Exporting

EzzyBills has two additional workflow tasks that you can add to your existing active workflow. With them, you can set up rules so that some bills will wait for your approval before exporting to simPRO. You can pick and choose the rules that you want.  If you need new rules, contact our  find out more 

FAQ for simPRO users 

  1. How to handle one line having no tax, with all other lines do (eg.  credit card surcharge)?  Answer: for the line that without tax,  you will need to set up an item in simPRO, specifying purchase tax code as “Fre (0%)”.  screenshot        (Note: simPRO applies a tax per your item setup – not done by EzzyBills. For many of simPRO users, the default is having tax. You should specify purchase tax code as “Fre (0%)” for those items that do not have tax)
  2. How should I handle freight – should I include it on the purchase order as a separate line with item code? Answer: not recommended.  (So, during receipting, EzzyBills/simPRO will create a separate Freight charge under the table.) When transferring the receipt to Xero from simPRO, the Freight is exported as an additional line.
  3. How to tell EzzyBills not mark items as “received”?  Answer: turn on  Settings > Advanced Options > “Don’t set items as received“.

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