Upload invoices with double tax rates for QuickBooks users

In some countries like Canada, different provinces have different tax rates. Some of their invoices have two taxes.

  • By default, EzzyBills extracts only one total tax from an invoice.
  • To enable two taxes, modify the Workflow setting for workflow task “Extract”. 

An example invoices with two taxes.

Enable two taxes in EzzyBills

  • Login into your EzzyBills, go to Workflow.  Click “Extract” workflow task.

  • Enter the two tax rates without the percentage sign in the text boxes for “Tax Rate”, Tax2 Rate”.

(note: Enter the federal GST of 5% in the field “Tax Rate”, and provincial tax rate in “Tax 2 Rate”.)

  • In the field “Tax2 Keywords”, enter the keyword as appears on your invoices. For the example invoice, the keyword is “QST (9.975%)”.  As different supplier invoices may have different keywords, you can enter multiple keywords in this field,  separated them by a comma. In this screenshot below, there are keywords: QST(9,975%) and QST.

Note: In your QuickBooks, set up the tax for your province if you have not done so  (Taxes > Manage sales tax > Add tax).  For this example, your tax codes in your QuickBooks may look like the screenshot below.

The example invoice will be exported to QuickBooks like this screenshot below.